Tips on Completing Basic Bookkeeping for Any Small Business

Regularly audit the books

Hire an external auditor, for example those from Payroll service australia¬†at least once a year to the audit of accounting books. This makes it difficult for the fraudster disguises his actions. The audit should not be scheduled in advance, but be surprised; ensure that it does not occur in the same period every year. If you suspect fraud, consider request, specifically, a “fraud audit” instead of a “general audit.” This type of audit is designed to uncover and prevent these kinds of losses.

Understand the books

The diversion of money usually occurs when bookkeeping is sloppy and unsupervised, which makes the employee tamper with the cash and receipts. As a business owner, you should familiarize yourself with the bookkeeping of your company and the record keeping system. Thus, it will be easy for you to examine the books and make sure there is nothing wrong. If you are not “accustomed to numbers,” ask your accountant to devote a little time to show you what to look or take a course on accounting or bookkeeping at a local college. Trusting someone else to oversee this, which is the most important part of your business, only opens the door to fraud. If you have issues, leave it for the pros, contact

Protect bookkeeping software

Do not allow unauthorized access to your bookkeeping software. Do not place the computer in a network that keeps the books. Ensure … Continue reading....